First Encounter

First Encounter

 “Thanks for inviting me over,” she said as he allowed her to walk in. She flipped her brown hair back, and he gently took off her red coat. When she felt that slight touch from his fingers, her skin immediately bristled, and she felt a bit nervous.

 “I’m glad you accepted,” he told her as he hung up her coat in the entrance closet. She was impressed with his department, but the thing that truly enchanted her was the view. Berlin had never looked so beautiful, and he had the best spot. She walked towards the terrace to admire one of her favourite spots in Berlin. No cars, it was almost another world, a very nice and comfortable one, suddenly, she wasn’t nervous anymore.

 He stared at her, admiring the view of her body. His eyes travelled from her black stilettos up her toned calves, and he instantly got hypnotized by her thighs, only to find his admiration interrupted by her dress, still fitted enough to perfectly give him a glimpse of her small round ass, then her dress dipped on both sides of her waist, and then adjusted perfectly to her beautiful breast. He knew that beneath that fabric was a body that could make any red-blooded man die from a heart attack, he had some lead over the appearance of her body and a couple of detail too, but he was curious about her…

 Then she turned and dedicated a warm smile at him, he couldn’t help it, he thought that was the cutest smile he had ever seen. “Would you like something to drink, wine, champagne?” he asked her, returning a smile.

 “Yes, white wine, please,” she replied. She checked him out as he walked towards the kitchen with one more terrace, more hidden and quiet. She loved the touch of grey hair, which gave him a charming look. Even though he was in his 50s, he looked cooler than most teenagers would dream of.

 Then he grabbed the wine bottle and placed it on the table, facing her, once she reached the table, he offered her the glass of wine, “That’s one of my hobbies.” “Good wine? That’s a rewarding hobby!” She took it, and their hands touched. It was undeniable the electricity she felt whenever he touched her. It was intriguing, and for the way he looked at her, she noticed he felt it too.

 “Thank you,” she said shyly as she took a sip from the wine, trying to calm down that rush she suddenly felt. He started serving another glass for himself, she was hungry, and he served cheese and cuts of meat on the table for them to taste.

 He was observing… even admiring her, with amazement… Could she really keep moving, smiling, reacting so? So like he had long dreamed of a woman being and reacting and holding herself? He was in awe. Not quite believing his ears or eyes. Could it really be?

 Then, as this delightful – part shy, part intimate already – dance progressed, they moved to the reason they had met: him admiring her on her escort website. And she cut to the chase: “I do it because I love it. I love the sexual dance, sex with liberated, strong, successful, sexually alive people”. He could have dropped his glass – maybe his eyes showed his delight and surprise. Maybe his sunglasses saved him. But he was hooked. Deeply.

 Her laughter captivated him, and her gracious moves were more than enchanting. They shared a long talk about their likings, passions, and jobs, and the more they talked, the more confident they felt with each other. After a couple glasses, he couldn’t stop staring at her mouth, and she wouldn’t take her green eyes away from his smile, and then he knew that this petite woman could be an incredible chapter in his life.

 He had for decades wanted to meet a woman who was elegant, intelligent, interested, alive, generous, and independent. But also, who loved sex and loved sex with others – with kink, with men and women, with want. Had he met her? Could it really be?

 As time passed, she was getting impatient about getting to know him in the other way; if he would be as open as her, that could be better than any lotto she had never played. She asked, “Shall we go inside?” hoping he would understand what she meant, as she was embarrassed (quite uncommon to her).

 Time was short. They had to try each other – smell, taste, manner, all so vital, need to be discovered in the most intimate conversations. So he accepted the invite with impatience.

 They kissed passionately, their tongues battled it out as his hands reached for her waist and tugged her into him. Her arms immediately wrapped around him; she couldn’t deny the fire she felt burning on her skin. As he kissed her, his hands caressed everything he admired from her body: her back, her small round butt, her face.

 ” Wait for a second, I have a surprise for you.” And disappeared in the bathroom. He saw her fully in her element when she came back. He had to swallow hard when he noticed her black lace underwear and her almost alabaster skin. The sex dripping from her choice of lingerie, her heels…

 Wasting no time, he unbuckled his pants and pushed them down his hips. She turned around, got on her knees, and pulled his trunks, watching his cock stand still in the air. She wrapped it with her delicate hand and opened her mouth to taste him.

 Her tongue gave him the first swipe, and he tasted incredibly good. He grunted, letting her know she was doing good. Then she took his cock inside her mouth, bobbing in and out, wetting it with her tongue, and he felt he had to focus, or he would lose his mind right away. Her mouth was good and pleasing, and he felt about to burst each time she sucked, licked, and toyed with it.

 Suddenly she gagged on him, taking his entire length inside her mouth and surprising him. “Oh god, you’re so good,” he moaned. He leaned down, gripped her arms and placed her on the table. She opened her legs for him, and as he fisted his cock, trying to hold the orgasm he felt right there, he pushed her pantie to the side, exposing her wet heat to his hungry eyes.

 He hovered above her slit, fanning with his breath over it, “taste me, please,” she begged, pushing her hips upwards. She smelled fantastic, and he wondered if she would taste the same. He swiped his tongue through her slit up her clit, and he had to stop for a second, the way she tasted was better, and it had him right about to lose control. He licked her entrance, spreading her juices around, and then he closed his lips and gently sucked her hardened clit. “Yes, that feels so good,” she moaned, then he pushed a finger inside her wetness, rubbing her warm walls, and the sound of her pleasured voice was all he needed.

 He stood up straight and positioned himself against her entrance, and in a single thrust, he entered her deep and hard. “Ohhh!” she hissed, and he grunted. His hard throbbing cock stretched her walls as it went, and he had never felt a pussy so tight around him, the sensation was beyond words.

 He pulled out only to push inside and feel it again. He placed his hand on her hips, holding her in place as she toyed with her clit and nipples. He penetrated her deep and hard, and she moaned loudly, loving each thrust. They both knew they wouldn’t last long.

 Then he started moving faster, and her hand moved desperately on her clit. He pounded her relentlessly, and she soon started feeling the heat building up around her clit, ready to explode and travel to the rest of her body. “Don’t stop,” she cried, and the second her body started quivering and quaking in pleasure, he gave one last thrust and started shooting his load inside her. The sight of her releasing the orgasm was too much to take, and it took him towards the edge of pleasure.

 Cuming inside her never felt so good, he felt her pussy clenching around him as he released the last drops inside her. “Yesssss,” she hissed in lust as she enjoyed the last bits of her orgasm. Suddenly he fell on top of her, exhausted, and she wrapped her arms around him.

 Their orgasms lingered on their skin, still keeping them warm, and staring into each other’s eyes, they both knew they were just getting started.