A True Fantasy Part 1

A True Fantasy Part 1


You will see many “blogs” and pages advertising a professional submissive like myself that talk a lot about the prototypical fantasy of ménage a trois. For me, this is not a service I provide for the benefit of my dance partner, but rather my preference and my passion.

It all started some years ago when I, for the first time in my life, met a quite dominant man. My submissive sexual nature was blooming as I learned more about what made me wet and aching with pleasure that wasn’t “normal”.

He liked to spank me. And I realized that while I did this, at first, to turn him on, after a few firm slaps of my soft, supple ass I found my tight pussy dripping wet.

One day, as I played the good submissive, I asked him about his other fantasies, and he revealed that he would like to have a woman come to join us. I immediately said I would do anything, literally anything, for him (but, due to my bisexual interests, already seeing the picture in my head of a second woman in the bedroom with me) made me a bit tingly and wet – just like the spanking.

On one of the Friday nights he introduced me to a “good friend” of his. She was in many ways the opposite of me – I am petite, slender with delicate features. She was a few inches taller, a more fulsome figure. Not quite “hourglass” but nearly. Large, full and natural breasts; a large but tight ass – a washboard stomach to boot; sort of an athletic pin up doll.

He asked her to introduce herself to me and for me to “make her feel at home – however she wants” while he went to shower. I offered her a drink, she accepted kindly and then took my chin in her hand and inspected my mouth, my neck, and my eyes in a way I had never experienced before. I felt a little nervous.

She took a sip of the drink, released my chin from her firm but gentle grip and told me to take off my jeans (I was dressed casually, jeans and a tight white t-shirt). I looked at her, my head cocked slightly “here, in the kitchen?” and she shot me a chilling look with her bright emerald eyes. My mind got a bit fuzzy as I realized her look was turning me on. I put down my glass, unbuttoned my jeans, and slid them down. I stepped out of my stilettos and took the jeans off, and then stepped back into my shoes to try to maintain my sense of control.

She took in the sight of my body, smiling to herself, looking over at the man before turning back to me. “Very good… Now turn around for me” I didn’t hesitate, turning to face the other end of the room, I felt somewhat tense about not being able to see them. Out of my view, I heard her giggle, making her way closer.

I listened to the sounds of her walking around me, flinching as I felt her hand glide across my skin, only briefly as she pulled away and sat on the end of the bed. “Come, crawl~” With a slight resistance, I gave in only after a moment, unable to hold back from wanting to be near her. Feeling my cheeks burn, I leaned forward, crawling across the ground and looking up at her from the floor.

I felt her grip on my hair, pulling me in between her thighs, but there was no resistance as I came closer. My vision darkened and I tasted her against my tongue, a subtle shiver of arousal trickled down my spine. “You see, she’s so eager” Softly, she stroked my hair as I eagerly began tracing my tongue across her pussy. “Time to take your turn…” With that said, I heard movement behind me, but was both unable to see and too lost in the moment to wonder for too long on it.

In the heat of the scene, I didn’t notice until I felt his wet tip press against my ass, probing gently as a silent warning for what was to come. “Here he comes” I felt a sudden rush of pleasure between my legs, the man pushing inside of me, I squealed against her pussy from the stimulation. We were soon lost in the rhythmic pleasure of the moment, his body smacking against mine as I felt my legs begin to quiver. Overwhelmed, I felt my thoughts disappear, an intense orgasm washing over my body. Holding onto her thighs, I forced my face between her legs, moaning desperately against her pussy, I felt her reach her own orgasm at my mercy.

Having her squirming against my moans was a taste of sweet revenge, holding tightly, I kept her in place as she quivered from the overstimulation. Seeing us battle with our pleasures, I felt him bottom out inside of me, his thick load pulsing into my ass, I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head, going limp from the overwhelming pleasure.

Left there, basking in the afterglow, I looked up at her from the floor, seeing her chest rising and falling with each desperate breath. Before I was able to become too lost in the moment, I felt my body become lighter, the man lifting me into his arms. I felt weightless, as if drifting on clouds, watching as she trailed after us, crawling on her hands and knees as I was carried away. With my limbs still trembling, I savored the sight of her on her knees like this, already planning on having her whimper how I was only moments ago, a teasing battle for him to enjoy…

He brought me to the bathroom where he had drawn a hot bath before already, and gently put me into the water.

“Clean up little girl – we have more plans in the bedroom”

To be continued…