A True Fantasy Part 2

A True Fantasy Part 2

 I emerged from the bath a short time later. My head had cleared, but I was still tingling from what I had just experienced. I wrapped a robe around my body and emerged into the bedroom – only to be surprised again. 

 My man stood in his robe, but not tied, his chest highlighted as well as a swollen but not rigid member between his legs. He was watching with interest as this femme fatale he had invited into our home writhed on the bed…she was tied down – cuffs on wrists and ankles, blindfolded, and a ball gag in her mouth. Her legs were open, and her body was on full, primal display. I gasped. 

 He said, “you didn’t really think she was in control, did you? She is a submissive, too. And now we have a whole night ahead of us”.  

 He grabbed me and looked deep into my eyes before bending down and pressing his lips into mine. I could feel his strong hand on my lower back and the other cradling my neckline and jaw as he kissed me deeply. After our embrace, I was short of breath, and as he pulled away, I felt a firm pressure on my shoulder as he said, “get on your knees”.  

 Falling to my knees, I was still struggling to catch my thoughts, but before being given a chance, I felt his hand against me again, guiding my gaze upwards as he cups my chin. Given a brief moment to take in sight, his hard cock smacked against my face, wiping his precum across my forehead as he smirked down at me. The ache in my chest to taste him became too strong, and when he pressed his thumb into my mouth, I eagerly gave in, letting him part my lips for what was to come.

 I felt his thick cock push inside my mouth, pulsing against my tongue as he thrust in further. Before I knew it, my eyes widened, feeling him press against the back of my throat. It was an incredible feeling, letting him control me as I felt my juices drip onto the floor. Feeling my throat squeeze down around him, he couldn’t hold himself back.

 He began frantically pounding into my throat, his precum dripping across my tongue as his thrusts only became faster. My arousal was building beyond what I could handle, the heat rising in my chest to the point that I could barely think.

 Though as I was struggling to keep up, I felt myself suddenly able to breathe again, pulled to my feet as my eyes met his own. Still smirking at me, I watched as he wiped my mouth with his thumb, then let out a squeal as he pulled off my robe, exposing my body for him to see.

 Without a word, he spun me around and bent me forward, my face again between her thighs. Only I wasn’t close enough to taste her again. “Stay still.” His words were stern, but looking up, I could see her face as she trembled with arousal, and we both giggled for a moment, right up until I felt the fiery sting of his palm against my ass.

 “Count out each one.” His words were strict, but his tone hinted at how much he enjoyed this. The two of us couldn’t help but giggle from hearing how much he was losing himself to the fun we were having, and I began counting out loud for him. By the tenth spank, my cheeks were burning against the air, but I was enjoying every moment!

 My legs began to tremble, and I felt him tap my thigh to get my attention, watching as I straightened myself up from her crotch. “Good girl, now play with her tits for me.” His breathing was heavy, much like my own, and I dutifully turned around and climbed across the bed, smirking down at her as I leaned in to kiss her nipple. We quickly fell into the rhythm together, feeling her body tense up with each movement, her nipples hardening from the subtle stimulation.

 Just as quickly as we fell into our lust, I felt being pulled away from it, his palm once again slapping my ass. I squealed against her nipple, biting down enough for her to join me. After a brief moment of leaving us to tremble, I felt his hand pulling me from my position over her and closer to his crotch. I looked up at his cock, tensing up in front of my face, eager for my touch. It was only a single thrust, letting me feel his thick cock down my throat before pulling back out, making me watch as he sunk it deep inside her pussy.

 I listened to her frantic squeals of pleasure, feeling his cock slide inside her, aided by my wet throat. He quickly fell to a rhythm of plunging his cock down my throat, pushing it inside her pussy and my throat, and swapping between us. The taste of her juices soaking his cock had me quivering, eager for each taste he allowed me.

 I looked down and saw her face matching my own, succumbing to lust at his perverted idea, using us both like this to satisfy himself. He found himself caught up with using her twitching hole, thrusting into her tight pussy as he held her down. Each of her pleasure-filled squirms was stifled, her face showing pure ecstasy as she felt him inside her. Still wanting more, I felt my face pulled closer to hers, and I quickly locked my lips with hers as she moaned into my mouth.

 I could see he was coming close to the edge, feeling her tremble beneath him. As his grip loosened, I turned over onto my back, my head resting on her chest, and I opened my mouth wide, my tongue hanging out. I slowly slid my fingers down her throat, letting her spit cover them as he watched, surprised and with a hungry look in his eyes. I traced my fingers across my chest, teasing myself before sliding them inside my needy pussy, locking eyes with him as he kept thrusting. 

 After taking in the sight of my desperation, he pulled back, letting his cock free from her hole, and brought it to my face. He didn’t need to do anything more, I leaned forward and parted my lips, letting him sink his member down my throat. My fingers became a blur, frantically masturbating myself as I tasted her juices along his shaft. Then, just as suddenly as he started, he pulled back, leaving me gasping. “Cum for me!” He made me stare directly at his twitching cock as I fingered myself, fantasizing about it stretching me.

 I didn’t resist in my frenzy as he pulled my other hand to his cock, guiding me to stroke him. I could tell he was close, tensing up in my hand, cum surged from his cock, erupting across her chest as I continued stroking him. Watching him cover her in his load, I felt myself go over the edge, cumming from my fingers. I threw my head back and moaned, still jerking him off obediently.

 About to speak, he parted his lips to order us, but before he could, we both craned our heads up, locking lips before we eagerly began cleaning up the sticky treat covering our bodies. We swapped it between our mouths, making out with his cum as he stared down at us with a smile.

 “Good girls… but that’s enough of our warm-up, time for the real thing. We still have a whole night ahead of us…”