Finance executive by day,
dark angel by night…

Tell me, what do you think about when you see a woman like me?

A petite woman who walks gracefully with each step, staring back at you with her exotic green eyes, not afraid of your lecherous stares burning across her skin. A natural beauty, silently taunting as she walks by you, flashing a seductive smile before turning away, letting you continue your stares.

Do you crave her ?

The sight of her squirming beneath your gaze as you walk closer, seeing her tense up in her bindings, quivering with arousal as she waits for you?
I know what it feels like to have those thoughts whilst passing by a woman like myself, the desire to hear her whimpers in the heat of the moment, the burning lust with the thought of her body dancing intimately with your own.

I know this because I have those same thoughts when I pass someone like you~

To you, I offer my elite companionship.
I’m an incredibly open-minded person, absolutely in love with sex and have a perverse pool of kinks and fetishes to play with! Whether you’d like to have a girlfriend experience for a romantic dinner, preluding our steamy evening later on, or have some alone time with your submissive woman, I’m eager to please~
I consider myself to be quite a beautiful and sophisticated companion, not shying away from the kinkier experiences. I can look up at you in the heat of the moment with my bright green eyes, pressing my soft lips against yours as you brush away my long-flowing brown hair. My figure is petite and gracious, 5”3 tall with 32A breasts, 23” (57 cm) waist, and 33” (86 cm) hips. I keep my body toned and perfectly sculpted to capture the eye, especially proud of my tight butt. 

Though I’m not just a pretty face~

You can feel comfortable knowing that you’ll be spending your intimate time with a highly-educated and exclusive companion, having received an MBA at one of the world’s top universities.
So, do you enjoy a warm embrace and gentle cuddles while lost in a girlfriend experience, giggling and playful as we get lost in a genuine and meaningful evening together?  If that sounds like heaven to you, then there’s no need to be hesitant. We can discuss exactly how to make that evening as special as possible together.

There’s no need to be shy!

No matter what you crave, the only thing holding you back from the girlfriend experience and kink evenings I offer is yourself, and as an independent, you’ll only be talking with me, so you can feel comfortable sharing your fantasies. So there’s no need to be shy!