Flight Strokes

Flight Strokes

 She sat in 4D, smirking at the complaints of the ageing American retirees trying to find their seats in the fully booked Swiss business class, not understanding the heavy accent of the lead purser trying to explain the change in their seats.

 She seemed to be alone as a woman in her prime, dressed in her black suit, vibrant red lips and her “slutty librarian” glasses. As the old couple argued, she wished she had something better to think about when a shadow passed over her. She looked up into the weary face of a businessman in his prime, who, with patient confidence, said, “I think you may be in my seat, miss”.

 She flushed, not from the embarrassing fact that she had set her slender frame down in the wrong seat, but because the commanding undertone of his voice and the glint in her eye made her think of something else.

 She apologized profusely to the man and moved over one seat as he settled next to her. She stole a glance sideways and wondered what was underneath his custom-fit suit. Little did she know what she would soon find out.

 They exchanged pleasantries until the plane took off, and he was engrossed in his phone, urgently pecking orders to his global team of loyal soldiers, she assumed.

 After the plane levelled off and the stewardess returned with drinks, she asked him about his trip. He replied vaguely and said he was on business and wished he could enjoy a break. She flirted a bit but knew nothing would come of this.

 Hours later, in the dark cabin above the Atlantic Ocean, she dozed fitfully. She turned over in her sleep and inadvertently draped her arm across the narrow divide between their seats, causing him to wake and gently remove her hand from his thigh. She awoke and realized what she had done, he laughed it off, and she turned over, flushed again, but this time more from embarrassment. She got up, went to the restroom, and changed into the soft airline pyjamas, returning to him still working diligently in his seat. She put on her eye mask and tried to sleep properly.

 Shortly after she dozed off again, he shut off his light and put away his work files, and she jumped a bit when she felt his hand creep beneath the light airplane blanket. She kept breathing even as she became truly curious about where this would go.

 His lips came close to her ear and whispered, “I think perhaps that hand on my leg was an invitation, and I have seen the longing for some adventure in your eyes when you think I don’t notice you looking at me. I know you are awake, but you don’t need to say or do anything. Consider this a bit of punishment for you choosing the wrong seat”.

 Her mind raced as he seemed to know her very thoughts, his hand trailed under the blanket and gently caressed her body, exploring every inch of her body, the light fabric of the sleep suit revealing her hardening nipples as his hand passed over them, and she stared to shudder a bit as he moved his hand down further and firmly forced her legs open while she began to cry out. She found her mouth covered by his other hand roughly. He started to work his fingers in a massaging motion on her clit while he forced her head down with his other hand so she couldn’t make a sound.

 She didn’t even think to struggle as his commanding hands worked her pussy, and she started to drip in anticipation. He felt that as she began to soak her thin sleeping pants at his rough, constant touch. He lowered his mouth again to her ear and said, “I thought so…follow me to the bathroom and don’t make a sound”. He released her mouth with a confidence that made her even more wet and ready to follow his command.

 The light was dim in the bathroom, and as she tried to look up at him, he grabbed her roughly and manoeuvred her petite frame around him, sitting her down on the closed toilet seat. He latched the door and pulled his pants down, and without a word, grasped his stiff member in one hand, held her jawline tightly with the other, and forced her mouth open and his cock inside.

 She didn’t think of anything except the throbbing cock in her mouth as she swallowed him whole, moving her mouth up and down his cock and letting him ram himself deep into her throat, over and over. She cradled his balls gently in her delicate, manicured hands and struggled to be a good girl while he ravaged her throat.

 It may have been a minute or an hour, but she was addled with her submissive pleasure when suddenly he withdrew his cock and forced her to stand and bend over. He ripped off her pants and spread her wet inner thighs, thrusting his cock in deeply all at once, so suddenly filling her from the other side that she whimpered…

 She didn’t expect him to feel like this, it felt amazing. He was rough but gentle enough for her to feel every inch of him in her, and she loved it too much.

 He went faster and faster, grabbing onto her neck to steady his thrusts and pushing his entire length in her till she let out an unexpected scream. It was more of a scream of intense pleasure than pain as his right hand immediately moved from her neck to her mouth to stifle her scream.

 “Shhh,” he whispered, bringing his lush lips closer to her ear. “You only scream when I tell you to.”

 Those commanding words did something to her as she found herself shaking in orgasmic waves. He kept thrusting with the same fast pace until he pulled out his dick and released his cum on her back.

 She plopped on the toilet seat, struggling to catch her breath as she saw him buckling his belt and adjusting his shirt. “I’ll see you outside,” he said, leaving with a little wink at her.

 Picking up her pants from the floor, she cleaned up the cum on her back and put them on as she watched his tall frame leave the bathroom. Her smile widened at the thought of the intense sex they just had, and she immediately knew she wanted more of him.

 She left the bathroom with a slight limp and caught the menacing eyes of the stewardess staring at her, which she ignored and scooted over him back to her seat. He was tapping away on his phone, and she remained silent, replacing her eye mask as she smiled while falling asleep again.

 The following morning, the stewardess arrived at their seats with trays containing their breakfast and glanced over while serving them. She couldn’t help but giggle as she watched her turn away.

 “I never got to know why you’re travelling to Zurich. Holiday?” he asked.

 “Not exactly. I’m visiting a client,” she replied, adjusting in her seat.

 “Well, I will be staying here for quite a while,” he added. “Was really looking for an escort.”

 She chuckled and placed her hands on his shoulder as she leaned towards his ear, “I’m sorry, I can’t be your companion this time, but maybe we can reschedule?”

 He smiled and pulled out a card from his breast pocket, which he handed her. She took it from him and scribbled something behind it, handing it back to him, “that’s my website.”

 He accepted the card and looked at the website, ‘Lillykink.com’.

 “You really are deep into this, aren’t you?” he said with a chuckle.

 “As deep as you were in me,” she replied with a wink.