Summer evening

Summer evening

 She arrived home after dinner in the still golden sunlight of the summer sun. She felt good; she had been out with friends and had a few drinks, nothing too heavy, and it was early. She was hoping to surprise her husband as she waltzed into the house and found the note. She took off her dress and relaxed in her best lingerie as she opened the envelope. Her mood darkened as she read the brief message; he was gone again – a last-minute trip overseas. She was frustrated, she had actually gotten a bit excited, having heard her friend talking about the raunchy night she had planned with her man. And now she was, a young wife in her prime, dressed to seduce and already a bit hot, with nothing to do. She lay on the floor and stretched out her lithe, petite frame.

 She was sad for a moment but then thought of the limo driver who had picked her up at her husband’s instruction. He had seemed attracted to her, and she shouldn’t let her mood go to waste. She picked up her phone and dialled it; he immediately picked it up. “Miss, how can I help you?”

 “I think I left something in the car. Can you come back to the house?”

 “Of course, at your service.”

 She gently touched herself as she put down the phone. She was wet. And anxious. And feeling nervous in a way she hasn’t in years. She let her fingers press against the dampness of her panties and linger on her clit. Then the doorbell rang. She opens the door, and he is standing there, looking a bit confused. “I searched the car but didn’t find anything”.

 “I am terribly sorry; I found it after I called – why don’t you come in, and I will make you some coffee given the trouble.”

 “Oh, miss, I don’t want to disturb you and your husband’s evening.”

 “My husband had to leave the country last minute on important business, so I am all alone; I could use the company….” She opened her lips and licked them slowly, locking eyes. “I could really use the company….”

 He took the cue and came in, closing the door behind him. She led him to the couch where she had just been gently stroking herself. “We should get to know each other better,” as her dress fell from her shoulders and revealed her tight body.

 He took in her gorgeous slim figure wrapped in lace. “So, this is the kind of company you had in mind, hm?” He reached out and trailed his fingers along her shoulder, grinning at the eager shiver it provoked. “Who would leave someone as lovely as yourself all alone?”

 “But I’m not alone anymore, am I? I have you to take care of me,” she said, giving him a flirty smile. “Yes, you do.”

 She guided him by the shoulders to sit on the couch and crawled on his lap, immediately moulding their lips together in a passion-filled kiss. “Ah,” she moaned against his lips, giving him the opportunity to kiss her harder and shove his tongue into her mouth. It felt like he was devouring her, and she let it happen, using all her energy to kiss back. She ground her hips down onto his lap, open mouths pressed against each other, spilling desperate sounds into each other.

 He dragged himself away from the kiss, panting against her lips, and slipped off his tie, tying it around her eyes. Now unable to see, she leaned forward and blindly searched for his lips to kiss him again, but he held her back. “As much as I’m enjoying this, I have something else in mind for you.” She got off his lap and onto the floor, listening as he took off his belt. “Put your hands together.” Just like he asked, she put her hands together as he bound them together tightly.

 He leaned back against the couch and spread his legs, giving her room to fit between them. He tangled his hand in her brown hair and guided her head towards the notable tent in his pants. He unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers with his free hand, letting his hard-length bob free. A pearl of precum beaded at the tip of the flushed and needy head. She whimpered, blindfolded face turned to where she thought his face was. “Go on, baby. Put me in your mouth and suck.”

 She leaned forward and took him into her mouth, working her lips and tongue as she was guided by the hand in her hair. She had the urge to reach down and play with her wet folds, but her arms were secured behind her back, preventing her from touching herself. She whined around his cock, and he groaned, throwing his head back against the couch. She wished she could see his face, but hearing his pleasured noises was just as good. Before he could finish in her mouth, he pulled her off by the hair and forced her over the couch. He took his time positioning her just right, bending her over the couch and knocking her legs open, ass in the air. He pulled her panties down roughly, exposing her pussy, which was already dewy with her juices and flushed from her arousal. A quiet whine escaped her red puffy lips at his dominance.

 His fingers slipped between her petal-like folds and roamed around, gathering her slick on his fingertips before circling her clit and making her thighs shake. “Look how wet you are,” he said, touching her quivering pussy. “Practically dripping wet. It’s a shame your husband had to leave you because this is a sight to behold. You look like you were made to take it.”

 She arched her back and wiggled her hips when he slid the head of his cock between her pussy lips. “Please give it to me!” she begged.

 “Oh, I’ll give it to you,” he hummed before aligning himself to her hole and sliding into her velvety heat. She moaned at the feeling of being stuffed full, her walls clenching down around the intrusion as if to keep him there forever. He set a fast pace from the beginning, hips snapping loudly and harshly against the backs of her thighs. His hands were firm around her thin waist, barely letting her move an inch. She mewled, face pressed into the couch, drool seeping into the cushions. Her hands twisted against her back as his cock stretched her pussy open, thrusts hitting her sweet spot dead on.

 He came to a sudden halt, pulling a mournful whine from her lips as he removed his cock. “You feel amazing,” he groaned. She wiggled her hips enticingly, giving him the best view he could have imagined. Instead of going for her pussy, he lined himself up with her asshole, teasing the tip of his dick against her fluttering hole before pushing in. He began thrusting fast, reaching around her slim waist to find her clit and rub it in time with his thrusts.

 “I’m so close,” she whined. Her breathless words made him groan and rub her clit faster. She clenched around him, her body stiff at the same time as the knot of arousal in her gut unravelled. He buried himself in her ass one last time with a groan, cock twitching as he spurted cum, coating her insides. And he did his best to rub her, helping her through her orgasm and into the brain-melting aftershocks that shook down her spine.

 Breathing heavily, he eased off of her back where he had been pinning her down, sitting up to catch his breath and untie her binds. He eased out of her slowly, and she felt the dribble of cum that followed him, dripping down her puffy hole and slicking the inside of her thighs. She felt his strong hands stroking her sweaty back, relaxing her trembling body as they came down from their incredible high together.

 “It’s a pleasure to be your driver,” he said, finally breaking their comfortable silence, staring deeply into her eyes, “And I will always make time to be in your company if you call upon me again.”

 “I’d love that.” She leaned up and laced her fingers around the back of his neck, and his hands slid up her arm and to her jaw, cupping it gently in return. Their kiss was slow and almost innocent compared to what they were doing earlier. She hummed thoughtfully as she leaned away, returning her head to rest on his chest, and she was lulled into a sleepy trance at the sound of his steady heartbeat.