Illicit submissive lover

Illicit submissive lover

 He watched her stand up as the seatbelt sign turned off with the familiar ding. She was sitting one row in front of him, and he had a hard time not undressing her with his eyes. She wore a short dress, black and fitted, and hadn’t removed her darkened aviator sunglasses during the flight. She has stilettos on and a stylish handbag. She could be an actress or a successful businesswoman, sitting in first class on the Boston to New York flight. He dipped his eyes from inspecting her slender legs as her head turned his direction and then whipped around, and they started to deplane. That was the extent of their communication.

 He knew her, though. And when he thought about undressing her, very few guesses were involved. His cock was still raw from the wild night of passionate sex the night before. But he found his member throbbing against his pants as he stood up to leave the aircraft. He needed to touch her one last time before she boarded her flight home to Europe.

 They rarely travelled together; she was his paramour, his illicit submissive lover. They had met in dozens of cities for nights, each as memorable as the last. He quickly texted her as he came out of the airplane. He knew she had a few hours to connect, and at 8 pm, he didn’t have anywhere to rush off. He instructed her to meet him in the airline lounge before she left for the international terminal.

 His heartbeat quickened as he approached the lounge. She hadn’t responded, but he then saw her standing off to the side of the entrance. He nodded discreetly to her, and she followed him to the lounge.

 “And this is my guest”, he said, as she entered behind him and was waved in without a second glance. He kept on walking to the VIP room he had quickly reserved, one that was always empty and readily available for a traveller like him.

 As she came in behind him, he slid the door close and locked it. There were no words. He pressed her against the wall of the small lounge room roughly and met her lips as she looked up to meet his gaze. They kissed deeply, each seeking to wrest passion from the other with hot, wet, frantic, light moans. After a moment, she disengaged and started to take off her glasses.

 “Leave them on,” he said in his firm, commanding voice. “Don’t speak. You are here for only one thing right now”.

 She meekly nodded her head and awaited his instruction. He took her hand and guided her to the wall next to the door. He didn’t want too much noise; the lounge was quiet at this hour, and he didn’t want to cause a scene.

 He turned her around and pressed her body into the wall. He knelt and removed her black lace panties from underneath her dress, she just compliantly picked up one stiletto heel, then the other, to allow him to remove them. He felt they were already a touch moist. She wasn’t dripping wet, but she was almost turned fully on. He kept the panties in his left hand and roughly encircled her body with his right hand under the dress.

 He moved his hand up, pulling the dress up a bit, and she felt it pulling tightly at the other side while he felt up and saw that she had no bra on. Her nipples were hard, and he squeezed one small, supple breast and then the other, remembering suckling on her late last night. She whimpered a bit too loudly for his taste, so he kept his arm and hand across her petite chest and pinned her between him and the wall with his knee in her ass while he swiftly brought up his left hand and shoved her panties in her open mouth. That would keep her focused on not making a sound.

 After fondling her tight little body and kissing and biting her neck gently he partially released her and quickly undid his belt. He dropped his pants and pulled down his underwear. He kept her against the wall and pulled up the back of her shirt dress as he started fingering her tight little pussy and felt his hands soon slick with her juices. He forcefully spread her legs and rubbed his cock between her now soaking thighs.

 He thought about pulling her to her knees for a moment, but he wanted more than just to cum deep in her throat. They probably wouldn’t see one another for a while. He wanted a connection and felt like he needed to be deep inside her other holes for that.

 She gasped as he spread her legs further, and she bent down with her head and hands against the wall. He rubbed the throbbing head of his cock around her dripping pussy and then thrust in suddenly. She gasped again and lightly moaned as he thrust all the way in without hesitation. He felt her body tighten around him as he stroked in and out roughly. She was tight and smooth as silk at the same time. He felt his cock becoming wet as he went in and out and soon found he was dripping her juice all over his cock and balls; she was so wet and hot.

 In a flash, he decided to make this more memorable. He cupped his hand under their writhing members, brought the wetness of her pussy up, and gently started lubing her own ass with her own juices. Her anus was tight and pretty and now very wet. He pulled out of her pussy, slammed her body against the wall upright, and pushed his cock into her tiny ass. It took a moment. She started trying to talk with a gasping breath, and he pulled out the panties from her mouth and covered her mouth and nose with his hand roughly. No time for noise now.

 He felt her squirm and knew she was feeling both pleasure and pain, but this was a gift for her, one for her to remember on the flight home and for the time before their next collision. He felt her start to shudder. He knew she was close, he felt her frantically gasping for air against his hand right when her thighs and body started convulsing in a pure orgasm, and he came with his throbbing volcano of a cock filling her up with his cum as he allowed her to breathe, hungry for air and nearly sobbing and shuddering from the orgasm.

 That was why he was addicted to her. He loved pleasing her while pleasing himself, and she never stopped being the obedient little soul he needed as a release from his boring life. He pressed in and kissed the nape of her neck, turned and walked out of the room.